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Fisheries and Aquaculture

The Philosophy of the department includes the training of graduates that are adequately equipped with comprehensive, broad based practical skill and theoretical knowledge required for engaging in sustainable and economic fish production toward food security, efficient management of aquatic eco-systems and self actualization. Objectives of the Department are as follows:- • Develop appropriate academic and mental skills in staff and students of the Department. • Turn out practical and production-oriented graduates who will successfully put their skills into operation by establishing and operating individual and private enterprises in Fisheries. • Train personnel capable of teaching and conducting research that would provide relevant and appropriate solutions to the country’s fisheries development program and improve fisheries productivity in general. • Equip graduates with the potential for private farm enterprise after graduation. They could also seek employment in State and Federal Ministries of Agriculture (Fisheries Unit), other parastatals, commercial banks or teach in secondary and tertiary Institutions. • To produce graduates with sufficient technical, productive and entrepreneurial skill who will be involved in production, research and entrepreneurship in aquaculture, capture fisheries, ornamental fisheries and aquatic environmental management for sustainability • To produce graduates that is relevant to themselves, the industry and society and who can contribute effectively to National Developmental goals in fisheries and aquaculture in particular and Agriculture in general.


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